Pioneer AVH-X4500BT/AVH-X1500DVD

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These 2 head units are the only Pioneer “DVD without Navigation” receivers we are carrying this year.  Pioneer has made a few upgrades to their AVH line for 2013 that deserve a little recognition.

First, the AVH line as a whole has far better improved screen quality and graphics.  When we first saw the literature for this in an email we assumed the better graphics and color were due to photo shopping.  However, to see it in person is to realize there was no airbrushing these models.

Second, the AVH line has an improved, updated and more user-friendly interface.  This was long overdue.  It is much easier transitioning from one menu or source to another.

Third, the AVH line as a whole, currently has full App Radio Mode for iPhone 4 and 4S.  We’ve been told it will be available for the iPhone 5 in a few months with an additional adapter from Pioneer; the CD-IV202AV.  The video component of the 5 changed and wasn’t compatible with the 2013 product line.  The adapter will fix that.  Even with an iPhone 4 or 4S you still need a specific harness to use App Radio Mode; the CD-IU201S.  Without these cables, App Radio Mode isn’t possible.

With the iPhone connected to the rear USB, (rear USB is another change for the non 7” AVH models), the user can enter App Radio Mode and control a list of Apps from the touchscreen unit itself and not need to rely on the iPhone.  At last check, there were 28 apps available for this, not counting the 30 or so European navigation apps that I assume most of you will not need.  The beauty of App Radio Mode is this unit stays current and relevant, no matter how long you’ve had it.  The list of compatible apps is continuously expanding and includes navigation, traffic, music, vehicle information displays and social media updates.

The AVH-X1500DVD is the entry level unit for the AVH line.  With it you will have a 6.1” (upgrade from 5.8”) WVGA touchscreen, 3-2volt preouts (upgrade from 2-2volt preouts), MIXTRAX (upgrade, read our blog from…) along with other features already mentioned.  Did I mention how great the screen looks?

The AVH-X4500BT is the middle of the road unit in the AVH line up for 2013.  It is the least expensive with a 7” WVGA touchscreen and it also includes Bluetooth hands free and Bluetooth Audio streaming.   Like the AVH-X1500DVD, it also has a rear USB.  It is also the first in the AVH line up to have the 3-4volt preouts instead of 2volt.

Both of these units are great choices if you desire touchscreen and App Radio.  They are well priced and so easy to look at.  Come see us at C.A.R. Audio & Security to play with them and see for yourself.

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  1. Sujal

    Great Head Unit I’ve been a longtime Alpine guy, and have awlays enjoyed their products. Their units are never flashy, but awlays had a solid unit with good functionality. HOWEVER, the only thing that made me switch recently, was the fact that Alpine doesn’t get it when it comes to iPod functionality. Their units don’t make it easy at all for you to navigate through your music library. In fact, I would awlays disconnect the iPod, find the song I wanted, and then reconnect it to play through the head unit because it was easier that way. NOT ANYMORE! With the Pioneer P1400DVD, it is so easy to navigate your iPod’s music library in addition to everything else this unit has to offer. It’s well designed, a solid unit has plenty of cool visual features as well. You can change the color scheme to match your vehicle’s dash lighting. You can also pick from a variety of wallpapers, and even animated backgrounds. You can even upload your own custom wallpaper or picture file via a usb flash drive if you like. It’s a breeze to pop in a DVD and watch, with all the same functionality as a home DVD player. It is Sirius/XM, HD Radio, rear back-up camera, GPS Navigation Bluetooth ready. It also has its own full built in digital equalizer, so you can customize your own sound experience. It has all the preouts you need to hook up an amp and sub as well. For the price, you definitely can’t go wrong.

  2. Bob g

    I’ve hooked up the 202 to my avh-x4500bt and it says incompatible s
    Usb. I have the vga to lightning plug and a usb to lightning plug for my iPhone 5s what am I missing can I stream video from my phone to my head unit? If I upgrade to a iPhone 6s will that work with my head unit or do I have to start over again

    • crhoades

      The product you need to see video from your iphone 5 is
      Apple® Lightning™ to VGA adapter ((( MUST BE APPLE PRODUCT, not a cheap version from ebay or amazon))
      Apple Lightning to USB cable (((same, Apple product, not a cheap version)))
      Pioneer VGA interface cable kit CD-IV202AV

      This is a radio from a few years ago so it’s hard to remember but there is also a setting that you most likely have to choose. I would check with the owners manual to find out for sure. It’s most likely in devise set up or ipod set up or app set up. Just can’t remember. This is the only way to get video on your screen. Cannot be done wirelessly.

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