CUSTOMIZATION C.A.R. Audio & Security specializes in quality customized installs.  We have created and installed extreme, award winning, best-in-show systems as well as clean, looks-like-factory customized installations.  Tracie likes to say about her husband, the owner and customizer, that “he can have 10 of the exact same vehicle in front of him and he will design 10 different and unique enclosures.  Chris is a bit of a mad-genius who needs allowances from the customer to create as his brain creates”.  Chris will not build it if it compromises his integrity or name.  If he doesn’t believe it will deliver good sound quality he will not do it.  He has never failed in delivering what the customer wants and often delivers far more than they imagined. This is what Chris enjoys most and will love your vehicle most until the next one.

FACTORY INTEGRATION  Did you buy your vehicle thinking it had CD, Apple Car Play or Satellite Radio? Or perhaps you know someone who has a feature you are missing and would like to have the same? You are not alone. Many vehicles can have these features adapted to their factory radio and they will function as if they had come with the vehicle from the factory floor.  Give us a call or come by and we will do the research for your vehicle if we don’t already know.

REMOTE STARTS & ALARMS C.A.R. Audio & Security can add almost anything to your vehicle. We can do as simple as keyless entry all the way to starting your engine or locking the doors from a different city using your smart phone. We have many different options for your convenience. See our informative blog:

VIDEO Why pay double the price to keep your kids at peace? At C.A.R. Audio & Security, we have several options to keep the rear seat entertained. Headrests with DVD monitors and overhead monitors with DVD. Wireless headphones are included with the options & allow you to listen to your favorites at the same time.

MARINE  You have a boat that’s not quite loud enough, one that has a few years of use and needs new speakers, one that has no audio at all?  We LOVE boats.  They are a treat for us.  Truly.  It’s a fun vehicle for the customer and it’s fun for us to install in.  We sell JL Audio and Wetsounds marine products and we do so because they are highly reliable and out perform all others.  We have recommendations based on salt water or fresh and trust us when we say that matters a lot.  PLEASE trust us for your boat audio upgrade or upfit; you won’t regret it.  We will treat your boat, even ones without upholstery like our living room.  No shoes allowed!  Even if the customer says that’s not important, it is to us.  The owner owned a Mastercraft for 17 years and kept it spotless and he expects us to do the same for you.  All we ask is, please don’t bring it in with a soggy floor.  Would you want to crawl around in your work clothes on a wet floor?  We don’t either.

TROUBLESHOOTING We are experts in all things 12 volt.  If you have a battery draw issue, your radio is powering on but you have no audio?  We can help.  Don’t be surprised if we find a bad battery is your problem even after the auto parts store said it was good.  Many don’t test them correctly, but we do.  

ADVICE  We are not sales people.  Rather, we are here to offer information and advice and hopefully you will purchase products we have tested and believe in.  As a small business, we don’t have time to waste returning products for warranty and because of that we carefully choose products and brands we have faith in.  Therefore, we don’t sell 10 different brands of anything.  We do this so our customers don’t feel they chose wrong by choosing us.  Because of that, we are also willing to advise you on your own research even if you don’t purchase from us BUT especially if you want us to install it.  Why?  Not every 6.5″ speaker will fit in place of a factory 6.5″ speaker by just swapping it out.  You may need mounting adapters or they are too deep to fit in that specific location.  Tweeters often offer the biggest curse to an install.  That’s right, a tiny 1″ tweeter from one set of speakers may not fit as well as another 1″ tweeter without some modification.  Every speaker and every speaker location is different which affects the cost of labor if we do it and affects the headache you earn if you do it.

What does that mean?  If you are searching for products on line, take an extra day to talk to us before you purchase.  Call us or better yet, come by and show us specifically what products you are considering.  If we don’t know the answer, we will tell you that and still advise as best we can.  Even if we aren’t familiar with the product we know what specs to look at and why they are important.  We will know if you are matching an amplifier incorrectly to a subwoofer or if the remote start parts you are looking at will cost you far more in labor than the type you should get that might cost more but will still save you money with a far less expensive install.  We will most likely know something about your vehicle that won’t work with a certain product you are leaning towards and can advise you which will work best.  In the end, we don’t want anyone to have regrets and are willing to help you to prevent that – for free.