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For those not in the know, most car audio shops like us, CAR Audio & Security, sell and install only one manufacturer of alarm and remote starts.  Of all the ones available DEI is probably the largest.  They manufacture Python, Clifford, Avital, Sidewinder, Automate and Viper.  We sell Viper and Avital in our store.  Now that the background is out of the way, I’d like to let you all know about DEI’s newest product; integrating remote start to a Mercedes Benz.

In the past this was very complicated and hard to come by.   So much of the Mercedes Benz, 2000 and newer is all computerized which does not allow the traditional remote starts to integrate.  Now there is a line of remote starts that can do this, beautifully.

All of the models are what we call, “add-on remote starts”, allowing the consumer to use their factory Mercedes remote to start the car.  By pressing lock three times the vehicle will start and if necessary pressing them again while the engine is running will shut down the engine.  All other functions of the factory remotes will remain the same.  It is a very seamless installation.

Currently, DEI is offering a bundle package as well.  You can purchase and install the remote start along with DEI’s award-winning SmartStart GPS tracking.  This is great for several reasons.  If the range of your factory remote isn’t long enough for your specific needs you will be able to use your iPhone or Android as your remote and have UNLIMITED range to start your engine, pop your power release trunk, lock and unlock your doors; all this using an app on your smart phone.  The GPS tracking feature gives you a list of possibilities including receiving alerts if the vehicle is speeding, moving at an unapproved time, memorize your parking location and walk you right to your vehicle after the concert and a few too many and the obvious, track your vehicle.

To get all these features on your smart phone, a networking fee is required.  A one-year subscription is $69 and a three-year subscription is $179, giving you 5 months free; all less than $6 per month.  Please refer to the following to learn all about the GPS tracking SmartStart at

The following Mercedes Benz models are compatible with the remote start integration and/or SmartStart GPS bundle.  If you don’t want remote start but love the idea of GPS tracking that can be installed as a stand-alone module.  If you have any questions or are interested in either of these for your compatible Mercedes, please give CAR Audio & Security a call or come by.

C             2008-2013                            GLK        2010-2013

CL           2007-2013                           ML          2006-2013

CLS         2012-2013                            R             2006-2012

E              2010-2013                            S              2007-2013

G             2013                                         SLK         2012-2013

GL           2006-2012

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  1. Carroll

    Hello I\\\\’m interested in a remote start, maybe even the remote start and gps package. I have a 2014 Mereceds CLA 250 and I\\\\’m interested in the price for the product and installation

    • crhoades

      First, thank you for asking. For this vehicle there is a specific product made to work in your Mercedes. Sometimes, there isn’t so that’s good news. The product itself is $600 and we do not keep it in stock because it’s not very common. The labor is $100. If you choose to do this we would need a deposit of 1/2 and it will take a couple days to get that in. The installation itself will take a couple hours. We are here Monday – Friday, 10-7. Thanks again. If you need to reach us please email us at or call us at 919.562.0800.

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