NEW FOR 2013 – Pioneer FH-X700BT

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Pioneer definitely had an itch to scratch because they have already released the first half of their CD Receiver line up.  They are like department stores with their Holiday decorations; they come out earlier every year.

First up this year is a radio I like to call, “Vegas”.  I say that because it’s big and has a lot of bright lights.  This is a double din sized, CD receiver that can be mild to flashy depending on your mood.  It comes with AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA/WAV/USB/ AUX, Bluetooth for calling and audio streaming, 2 volt and 2 pre outs.

This most closely resembles the previous FH-P8000BT with a few updates.  It has a fully illuminated Front USB and Aux input, Voice Activated iPhone support, Pandora Ready for iPhone, Android Music Support via USB, Dual Zone illumination with 210,000 RGB color possibilities, detachable face security, App Mode and let’s not forget what the “X” is for; MIXTRAX.

If you haven’t bought a new radio in a while this is what some of that means.  With an iPhone you will be able to speak to “Vegas” and tell it who to call.  Also, with an iPhone you will be able to control Pandora Radio from the radio itself.  Android Music Support is possible with the Pioneer App that corresponds allowing you to control music files on your Android from “Vegas”.  The Dual Zone illumination means the display itself can be one color and the buttons another.  With the MIXTRAX setting, “Vegas” comes to life.

MIXTRAX is a new feature Pioneer introduced last year.  It isn’t just for looks, although, depending on your eyes and I believe, youth, the appearance is sometimes a benefit.  Visibly, the MIXTRAX setting will cause these lights to flash to the beat of the music and while it’s doing this you can already have it set to stay one color or scan through a series of colors; hence, the nickname, “Vegas”.

MIXTRAX at its core is a sound feature.  This is technology Pioneer uses in their DJ products, which are REALLY cool.  MIXTRAX has a lot of different possibilities depending on the user.  You can go full tilt with this by setting up everything first on your PC or Mac.   With your PC you can customize playlists by using MIXTRAX with your iTunes or other music organizer to group songs together by mood, beats per minutes, etc.  Once you have arranged your playlists or folders download it to your iPod or USB flash drive and connect it to your FH-X700BT.  Once the music starts to play and you are in your MIXTRAX setting, the songs will play just like a DJ mix.  One song runs right into another with no pause between songs.  This is a great feature for home or the road.

In its simplest form, MIXTRAX on your Pioneer radio can just cause your music to be non-stop.  For this, no PC or Mac or App is necessary.  Just connect your iPod or USB flash drive to the Pioneer radio and choose the MIXTRAX setting.  In this simpler setting though your type and quality of music file will affect how MIXTRAX functions.

The FH-X700BT is a double din sized version of other single din CD receivers Pioneer is releasing this year.  The larger size offers a little bit larger price but nowhere near its past price point.  Like all other technology, it gets less expensive as time goes by.  Pioneer retails this radio for $179.99.  Come see us at CAR Audio & Security, see “Vegas” yourself and I’m sure a better price can be met.

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  1. michael ellis

    can you show me how to detach the face? the manual doesnt show it as detachable

  2. James

    How do you get the cd info to display… such as music group info , cd title , and song title?

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