2014 Chevy and GMC Truck with Bose Center Dash Speaker Rattle

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This is for a select few people.  If you have a 2014 and newer Chevy or GMC truck or SUV with Bose that has a center channel speaker located in the center of the dash you may be experiencing a very annoying rattle.  If you are, here’s a fix.

We found with our own customer upon inspection the speaker itself was mounted down with only 2 screws and it’s sitting on plastic.  Rattle is inevitable.

First, how do you get to it?  To prevent scratching your dash you should use a plastic pry tool as shown in our picture.  Carefully, pry the grill off using the tool to get under the edges of the grill.

You’ll see the speaker mounted in there with most likely 2 screws.  Remove the two screws and remove the speaker, unplug it.

After unplugging it you will need to add some kind of foam gasket you can find at any hardware store, thinner the better and put the gasket around the underneath the speaker surface where it sits on the plastic.  (Shown in last picture from under speaker)

Then just reinstall the speaker as you found it but adding more screws instead of just the two that were there if that was in fact one of the problems.  Ours may have been a fluke but we doubt the gasket issue is a fluke.

That should fix your rattle.  From beginning to end this took us about 1 hour.  Good luck.