Aww. What a cute amplifier!

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Any frequent customer of ours knows we like JL Audio.  We’ve carried JL Audio as a brand, completely, since 2004.  We sell every speaker line, subwoofer line and amplifier line.  We appreciate the product they design and produce as well … Continued

Remote Start “Smartly”

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Viper Smart Start with GPS Tracking What else would you like your smart phone to do?  Except for teenagers who already exclaim “OMG” if they don’t have their phone, eventually our smart phones will be everything for us.  For now … Continued

Bluetooth Audio Can Be Yours!

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While trying to place an order with one of our vendors, our sales representative informed Chris that they had a new product we should try.  It is a Bluetooth Audio piece that will work with ANY radio and any Android … Continued

Android Integration – What gives?

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I am consistently asked, “Why do so many radios specifically work for iPhone and not Android based phones?”.  It is simple but still irritating.  Although the majority of smart phone consumers have an Android based phone instead of an iPhone, … Continued