Remote Start Pointers

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UPDATED 3/12/2020 It’s hard to believe but we have been in business for over 21 years and installing remote starts longer than that.  Remote starters are a very popular item for our store.  Most people like myself appreciate being able … Continued

I Don’t Get It

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Maybe that is my major malfunction.  As a nation, heck, Wake Forest as a city and the surrounding areas love cars.  We need our cars.  Unless you live within a certain distance of a business district you cannot take a … Continued

CES – How Do I Love Thee?

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Let me count the ways because absence makes the heart grow fonder.  This lover hasn’t been to CES since 2007 and I haven’t been to any other major show, SEMA, since 2009.  It is definitely a time when one is … Continued

A Very Special Christmas Visit

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How do you like our tree?  It gets a little cuter every year.  The striped Seuss type hat was Chris’ choice for a new addition.  It was that or a red, sequined Fedora.  I wanted the Fedora but I think … Continued

Is that a real jet ski?

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Our usual response to this question is “It used to be.”  This former Polaris was a sad shell when Chris bought it for $50 without an engine.  Chris had the idea that we needed a show piece for our show … Continued

Great Sound Comes In Small Packages

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This is a shout out to JL Audio for building what we call here at CAR Audio & Security, “The Breadbox”.  The CP108LG-W3V3 is a ported enclosure with an 8” W3 subwoofer.  This has been a great enclosure for several … Continued


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I have stated in previous posts how much we love Bluetooth audio.  Our favorite receiver for this feature is the Sony DSXS310BTX.  We were introduced to its predecessor last year; the DSXS300BTX.  We not only pushed it in the store … Continued