Marine Audio – Tower speakers

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Floatillas, cove parties and wake boarders all have one thing in common.  Their music can never be too loud.  Chris and I bought our wake boarding boat in 2000 when the sport was just becoming popular here in North Carolina.  … Continued

Parking Sensors

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“What’s behind me?”  Look once, look twice.  Is Billy’s bike back there?  How much further to the car in the space behind me?  Look again.  Windows and three mirrors are never enough.  Even in the tiniest of cars there are … Continued

Toyota 6×9″ Speaker Replacement Woes

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Sometimes I think there is some kind of “Think Tank” that automobile manufacturers attend.  At this “Tank” are a bunch of people who are all devising ways to irritate anyone who dares to replace anything they are generous enough to … Continued