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2003 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition

Upgraded F-150 with a center console stealth box, amp, and aftermarket radio.

2007 Chevy Suburban

15" overhead monitor with DVD and Power supply installed

2007 Lexus RX350

Aftermarket Kenwood radio installation.

2007 Toyota 4Runner

Aftermarket Kenwood radio install.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Newly added truck bed cover, and side steps.

2012 F-250

Fully loaded F-250 with an aftermarket radio replacement and custom door speaker installation. Along with a layer of Soundskins for better quality sound, a stealth box, and more!

2012 Mega Ram

Aftermarket Kenwood Radio install.

2013 Mercedes Benz RL 350

Headrest DVD player installation for the passengers.

2014 Audi Q7

Headrest DVD TV units installed for the the passengers.

2014 Dodge Ram

Side step w/ Led light installation.

2014 Jeep Wrangler

Fully loaded 2014 Jeep Wrangler! Hidden dual 12W6's,in a custom box, with Hertz tweeters mounted on the dash.

2014 Toyota Highlander

We added running boards for an extra lift.
IMG_0005 - Copy.jpg

2015 GMC Sierra

Custom MTI stealth box build, with led lights.

2015 Jeep Wrangler Full Upgrade

Subwoofer install, along with a aftermarket head unit, headlights, and light bar.

2016 Ford F-150

Fully upgraded 2016 F-150, includes a stealth sub, adjustable amp using TWK Fix, and Dynamat for sound quality!

2016 GMC Sierra

Custom accessory panel, door speaker installation w/ Soundskins.

2016 GMC Sierra

Head Unit install using a Kenwood DMX 1057XR to replace the factory unit.

2017 Ford F-350

Tonneau truck bed cover install

2017 Ram 5500

Aftermarket double din head unit installation.

2017 Toyota Sequoia

JL audio 8W3 subwoofer installation with bass knob to replace the stock OEM subwoofer.

2019 Dodge Ram 1500

Custom stealth box build with led lights, upgraded tweeters, JL Audio VXI and XD amp install.

2020 Jeep Gladiator

Aftermarket double din radio replacement, using a Stinger Radio.

2020 Jeep Wrangler

Full audio build with new door speakers, subwoofer, and a remote bass knob.
Water Damage 053.jpg

C.A.R. Astro Van

This is our show van. It has 9 JL Audio amplifiers, 12 JL Audio 12W3 subwoofers, 3 pair of JL Audio XR650 component speakers.

Cadillac Escalade

Installation/fabrication of 7" monitor in front console for video.

Chevrolet Avalanche

Custom built subwoofer enclosure and amp rack for Avalanche.

Chevrolet K5 Blazer

This was our first fiberglass enclosure. Built and installed when our store was still located in Wendell.

Chevrolet Suburban

2 overhead DVD installed along with custom installed 7" monitor in front console.
Bottom Up Shot.jpg

Chevrolet Tahoe

One of our favorites. 2004 Tahoe with custom fiberglass enclosure for subwoofers and custom built amp rack.

Chevrolet Tahoe II

"RICK JAMES". This 2007 Tahoe is another favorite and probably the most unique. It was our first major attempt at a motorized amp rack.

Dodge Dakota

Another favorite. Not just the enclosure but the man himself..O-lando. Good guy and scary cop with a big smile.

Dodge Ram 1500

Double din navigation unit installed in a dash that did not have a pre-fab kit already made for it.

Ford Excursion

The most blood, sweat and tears so that it looks beautiful and factory. We promised it in 2 weeks and needed 3. The store owner didn't sleep the last 48 hours.

Ford Excursion Pillars

Matt from New Jersey. He would say "Igottaguy" when talking about anything 12 volt.
pix 062.jpg

Ford Explorer

Justin wanted a cool box for his Explorer. His dad taught him the gift of working for it so every 2 weeks Justin would come in and buy another component until complete. His dad paid for the box.
Clearwire 9.jpg

GMC Envoy

When Clearwire entered our Raleigh Wake Forest area they needed a demo vehicle for their wireless product.

GMC Yukon

What a doozie. This was about a month's project. Customer had all their own product and hired us to customize what felt like every inch of his interior.

Jeep Cherokee

What up Brad? We built this box for subs and then he turned around and traded it all in for another vehicle.

KIA Sportage

Custom fiberglass enclosure for JL Audio Thinline subwoofer

Lincoln Navigator

Wall of subwoofers and amplifiers

Toyota Tacoma

Taco's hidden subwoofer enclosure.