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CUSTOMIZATION   C.A.R. Audio & Security cannot imagine what cannot be done to a
vehicle.  Whether you want to mount a portable navigation or satellite radio unit in your
car's dash pocket or you want to have a show quality, fiberglass enclosure for your
subwoofers, we will discuss your options and design and build a quality product to fit your
needs and desires.
FACTORY INTEGRATION   Did you buy your vehicle thinking it had satellite radio or
bluetooth because its radio had buttons indicating it was there?  Or perhaps you know
someone who has a feature you are missing and would like to have the same?  You are not
alone.  Many vehicles can have these features adapted to their factory radio and they will
function as if they had come with the vehicle from the factory floor.
REMOTE STARTS & ALARMS   C.A.R. Audio & Security can add almost anything to your
vehicle.  We can do as simple as keyless entry all the way to starting your engine or locking
the doors from a different city using your smart phone.  We have many different options for
your convenience.  See our informative blog:
VIDEO  Why pay double the price to keep your kids at peace?  At C.A.R. Audio & Security,
we have several options to keep the rear seat entertained.  Headrests with DVD monitors
and overhead monitors with DVD.  Wireless headphones are included with the options &
allow you to listen to your favorites at the same time.

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