What’s New For 2012 – Pioneer AVH-P1400DVD

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The AVH-P1400DVD was a bit of a surprise.  This model most closely resembles last year’s AVH-P2300DVD.  It still has a 5.8”, AM/FM/CD/DVD, Front USB and Aux and you can add navigation with the AVIC-U220.

It is still the same radio quality wise for equalizer and power but Pioneer is giving us a treat this year.  Pioneer has expanded the App Radio accessibility.  If the user has an iPhone or iTouch 4 or newer, navigation can be added by using the App Mode feature in the unit and Pioneer’s iPod cable, CD-IU51V.  Plug your iPhone to the front USB, use your navigation app on your iPhone to plot your route and you will be able to view it on the main screen and hear the prompts through your speakers.  Hallelujah!

Some iPhone apps will be completely usable from the AVH-P1400DVD such as Pandora Radio.  Using the CD-IU51V,  you’ll be able to see the Station title, song and artist and use the thumb up or down.

No more dash mounted accessories to hold your iPhone to view your route.  Leave it in your bag or in your console.  Once you have up the app you need and make your choice you’ll see it bigger and better on the AVH-P1400DVD.


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  1. I’m posting this after rniadeg the reviews here and then experiencing first hand the difference on my own x920bt between this and a regular iPod cable used with the stock Pioneer USB cable. Technically, the bad reviews here are correct: You don’t actually need this cable to use your iPod/iPhone with your Pioneer HU. If you were sitting on the fence like I was about buying it though, read on: I do agree with the one star reviews that the cable is too short for what it costs. It is possible to extend it with both a regular USB extension cable and a mini-jack cable extender, but of course you have to buy those. So I knocked off a couple stars for that because this thing should be longer for what you pay. However, there are 3 things you need to know about using the USB cable that comes with your HU over this one with an iPod/iPhone: 1) Without this cable, you have to plug two cables in to your iPod/iPhone the dock connector, and a standard mini-audio cable. With this cable you only need to plug in the dock connector. Minor detail but if it’s something you are going to use every time you get in the car you’ll find one connection better than two over time, I assure you. 2) You need this cable to get video from your iPod/iPhone. If you care about video at all, then this is your only choice. One review mentions the video quality is so-so but I did not find that to be the case as with all videos on iPods/iPhones the source is everything and good quality videos looked perfectly fine to me; I’ll agree that the Pioneer HU doesn’t go a great job with marginal sources compared to other displays but that isn’t the fault of the cable. 3) And most importantly as G. Ledesma points out in his review with this cable, you get line-level audio out, where with the USB cable/mini-jack you get audio that’s amplified once already by the iPod/iPhone itself. Don’t brush this detail off! Having listened to both, same music, same player, I can tell you that you don’t need to be an audiophile with the ears of a teenager to hear the difference. It is pretty significant, especially with music that’s already lower-quality (like tracks purchased from iTunes prior to 2009). For this reason alone I found the cable to be a necessary purchase. In short, while yes it is pricey, and you can control and listen to your music without it, you are going to want it anyway. I mean, not to defend Pioneer, but it is kind of a niche item they don’t mass-produce, and frankly if you own an iPod/iPhone you already paid a premium for a product, so what’s another few bucks for a cable? If it were longer I’d give it 5 stars, but that’s it’s only real fault.

    • For audio you can use any iPod cable. But for the album art, video and full control of App modes etc on the newer units and last year’s unit, you need the Pioneer cable. Another you can use though is Kenwood. Kenwood makes the same cable for less and it’s longer. KCA-iP202. It helps!

  2. ok I’m gonna run through the baicss. Check to make sure you have the pioneer cdui50v installed correctly, both the USB and the audio plug must be plugged in the rear. Once your iOS device is plugged in select iPod and press app mode at the bottom right corner. (oh you have to have the video bypass on your unit to use this. The bypass is extremely easy to install! Just type in avhp4300dvd bypass ion YouTube and you’ll get some videos showing you how) if after that it still doesn’t wo

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